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Is the Enneagram Evil? | Part #1 of Should Christians use the Enneagram with Amy Wicks

August 10, 2020 Amy Wicks Season 13 Episode 158
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Is the Enneagram Evil? | Part #1 of Should Christians use the Enneagram with Amy Wicks
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Not all Enneagram educators agree on the origins of the Enneagram. So, in my new three-part series, I am setting the record straight.

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Can Christians use the Enneagram? 

Should Christians use the Enneagram? 

Are the origins of the Enneagram based in some Hindu religion or satanic occult? 

Did Oscar Ichazo get the Enneagram through automatic writing? 

Is it a new age practice? 

What is the Enneagram? 

If you’ve ever googled any of these questions You may have gotten some horrifying results!

You will probably find many articles say Christians should NOT use the Enneagram. I’ve read them and I’d like to think the best of those people because- their fear of the Enneagram might be rooted in a heartfelt desire to not stray from the teachings of Jesus. 

Christians should be concerned and skeptical of anything taught from a source that is in direct contradiction of scripture. 

Is it time to drop the Enneagram and run? 

I tried. For a hot minute, I decided I would remove Enneagram from my world. 

But this would require me to go back to my sleepy self - unaware of how my motivations (not just behaviors) were directly impacting my marriage, my parenting, my career and even my spiritual health.

And I’ve seen the results in others that would lead me to believe the Enneagram is not just ok, but can deeply transform your faith. 

Hi, I’m Amy Wicks and I’m a Christian Enneagram Coach for moms. 

In this 3 part video series, I will focus on this question…

Should Christians use the Enneagram? 

and I will answer a few other questions surrounding this topic. 

But first, because we might be meeting each other for the first time, I’m going to share my intent before we dive in. 

First, let’s agree that we can disagree with dignity.

You may come to a different conclusion than I do, that is okay! The Enneagram is just a resource and the Gospel message always comes first. My prayer is regardless of what you decide about the Enneagram your mission will be to share Christ’s love to others.  
Second, I would ask you to put curiosity before judgement. Before you jump to conclusions or bring preconceived notions, be willing to walk in curiosity as you take in the content that I’m about to share. 

Are you ready to move along?  

Teachers use the Enneagram in a wide variety of ways. How I use it may be very different than fellow teachers or sages of the Enneagram. This is okay. 

The Enneagram is a universal tool. It is not a religion.

Contemporary teachers do not necessarily follow the ideas, beliefs of even practices of previous teachers. As the Enneagram is a personality resource, an Enneagram teacher has the freedom to present the Enneagram according to their worldview. This may mean some teachers add, subtract, or even redefine concepts taught within the Enneagram.

As a Christ-follower, we need to be asking ourselves a better question. Instead of wondering IF we should use the Enneagram, you need to consider WHO will be teaching you about the Enneagram.

Jesus taught us that every tree is judge by fruit. What is the fruit of the different teachings of the Enneagram? 

My first introduction to the Enneagram was from a much loved Christian author and speaker. My only doubts about this personality tool, in the beginning, were only about how to pronounce the word. 

Was it, Ann-e-a-gram? 

The context of my early exploration was all faith-based uses, books, and most podcasts which were pointing back to how our unique personalities point back to Creator God. 

Becoming a mom has been one of the most challenging things in my life. I love my three kids, but there were many aspects of motherhood that left me run down, feeling less than and disconnected from my faith. 

I had read a lot of mom books, been a part of mom groups, but no one could give me the answers I was looking for- answers about why I did what I did, what motivated me, and what practical steps I could take to flourish in motherhood.

Enneagram has helped me understand why I do what I do. 

As Paul teaches in Romans 7 our human nature oftentimes is at war with what we want to do. Christ is the only one who can overcome these struggles. 

But the Typology insights have provided language for my struggles, hang-ups, and triggers. 

I have found a sense of freedom to name these things as the Holy Spirit works in me to have the victory to free me from the box I put myself in and reminds me what it means to be created in God’s image. 

Ultimately I use the Enneagram with the intention of connecting with God. And I coach fellow believers who are moms to better understand themselves so they can better connect with God and their children. 

Are you interested in seeing more fruit in your spiritual walk and your motherhood? 

The next podcast will cover the number one objection I hear from believers…
And I’ll explain the history and origin of the Enneagram. 

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