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The Superpower Burden for the Enneagram Two

October 15, 2020 Amy Wicks Season 13 Episode 169
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
The Superpower Burden for the Enneagram Two
Show Notes

Do you have an Enneagram Two in your life? Or do you lead as an Enneagram Two? 

If so, you need to know some important insights about this personality style. 

Enneagram Twos are often labeled as “helpers” and while this is one of their character traits, there is so much more beneath the surface. Plus, this superpower can be more of a burden than a joy. 

Plus Peyton Gracia our guest today has also gone through my 1:1 coaching and before baby #2 she was my Virtual Assistant. 

In this episode, Petyon is going to share her Typing journey, and how the Enneagram brought awareness, and as she remembers her relationship with her mom. 

We also end up diving deep into the struggle for a Two when it comes to being compelled to help others, especially in seasons when motherhood limits your capacity. Peyton also shares what it looks like to flourish as a Type Two and THE #1 book she would recommend to fellow Type Twos. It was incredibly insightful, you won’t want to miss this part of the conversation.

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