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Calling All Kindred Spirits | An Advent & Enneagram conversation with Rachel Dodge

December 07, 2020 Amy Wicks Season 14 Episode 180
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Calling All Kindred Spirits | An Advent & Enneagram conversation with Rachel Dodge
Show Notes

Have you ever longed for a bosom friend? Or Is a visit to see the Lake of Shining Waters on your bucket list? 

If you know what I mean then you are most likely a fellow Anne of Green Gables friend. And if you don't and you’ve somehow missed this timeless tale by L.M. Montgomery then let me have the pleasure of introducing you. 

Some of your favorite episodes of the podcast have been when I’ve taken our favorite movie or book characters and shamelessly Typed them. It’s just a fun way to explore character development, story, and some general Enneagram insights. So, I’ve invited a new Kindred Spirit, Rachel Dodge for another thrilling Enneagram and movie conversation. 

Rachel has just written and released one of the most beautiful books of 2020. It’s a chapter by chapter companion for the classic book Anne of Green Gables. This new devotional book offers inspiration as it explores the theme of God’s love and faithfulness of the classic tale of Anne. The artwork, combined with scripture, life-application questions, and prayers makes this the most perfect gift to give this season. 

And this conversation? Well, it’s bound to be one you’ll want to listen to the whole way through and share with all your bosom friends. Really, Rachel has done something incredibly profound in her devotional book- you’ll want to hear all about her journey and vision behind her words- plus, we have fun Typing some of our favorite characters. You’ll need to make sure you join the conversation about each character, plus get a sneak -peak of the stunning illustrations from her new devotional book.

Get The Anne of Green Gables Devotional: A Chapter-by-Chapter Companion for Kindred Spirits * by Rachel Dodge for all your bosom friends!

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