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How To Love Others {Without Losing Yourself}

February 10, 2021 Amy Wicks/ Dr. Mike Bechtle Season 15 Episode 188
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
How To Love Others {Without Losing Yourself}
Show Notes

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Do you love helping people? 

Do you want others to like you and think well of you? 

But, then you feel trapped in an exhausting and debilitating cycle of pleasing people? 

Often people-pleasers like you and me get stuck giving without thanks and without receiving in the end. 

That’s why I’ve invited Dr. Mike Bechtle, an author, and teacher who has written several books to show us how to stop letting our fears of rejection, criticism, and inadequacy dictate our actions. 

This conversation and his books are full of helpful advice and wisdom so you can turn these struggles into a superpower and you know I’m always down for that. 

We are going to jump right into the conversation about Enneagram, raising kids and rebuilding our sense of worth from the inside out. 

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