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ARE YOU LONELY? Friendship in Motherhood

February 15, 2021 Amy Wicks Season 15 Episode 189
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
ARE YOU LONELY? Friendship in Motherhood
Show Notes

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Have you ever felt lonely? 

I know I have and more than once. Because not long ago I had three little babies, in a city where I still felt like a stranger, and I was downright lonely.

And what was already a lonely road is even more lonely because, over the last year, you and I have found ourselves more isolated and more divided than ever. 

So, what is a mama to do? Especially if you face intense physical limitations and ongoing lockdowns?

Well, today I have a few ideas to help pull you out of that lonely place and empower you to take the next step out of your loneliness.  

And I'm sharing how I found a connection in one of the most surprising places….

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