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Moms Will Save the World | What's Your Superpower?

February 22, 2021 Amy Wicks Season 15 Episode 190
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Moms Will Save the World | What's Your Superpower?
Show Notes

To contribute to the Bening Family

Do you often wonder what you are really good at? 

You know the thing you want to be known for? 

Have you ever wished you had superpowers, like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel or Super Girl? 

What if I said that you do have superpowers. 

For real! 

Okay, so you may not be able to leap from building to building or have a truth telling lasso, but you do possess a God-given superpower. 

Your superpower might just be collecting dust underneath the layers of stress motherhood has placed on you or even the demands of life that have caused you to forget the superpowers you’ve been equipped with. 

While I may not be Wonder Woman’s mom- the proud Amazon queen Hippolyta, and we can’t spend years training in no-man’s land,  I thought I would spend just a few minutes reminding you who you were created to be- the unique gifts and strengths you have available for you to use in motherhood. 

So, this episode is dedicated to all my wannabe cape wearing mamas- when you need a breath of fresh air and a quick reminder of who you were created to be, I hope you will listen for encouragement whenever you need it. 

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