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Need a Break? Practical Soul Care for ALL Enneagram Types

March 08, 2021 Amy Wicks Season 15 Episode 193
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Need a Break? Practical Soul Care for ALL Enneagram Types
Show Notes

When you have a minute to yourself how do you spend it? 

Do you automatically hit the button on your phone and get lost in the scroll? 

Do you find yourself with your head in the pantry or fridge snacking on a few things hoping they might satisfy or give the boost you are looking for? 

Or do you stay up after the kids and hubby go to bed to get in a couple of hours of the new binge-worthy show? 

If you nodded yes, 

Now, I want to know, how do you feel after you give yourself these self-care habits? Do feel you satisfied? Are you Refreshed and ready to pour out to your people? 

I ask because These are the exact things I am prone to do when I feel depleted and empty. My automatic response is to turn to my phone, or food, and get lost in another world. 

And you know what? The social scroll reinforces that these ideas are totally normal and acceptable, it's what my mom friends joke about and it’s the memes that get thousands of likes. 

BUT, somehow I feel more empty afterward than when I began. The rest I was looking for doesn’t get realized. 

My ongoing depletion and emptiness led me to evaluate the normal self-care mantra. Perhaps self-care isn’t the answer? And if it’s not- how do you get refreshed, renewed, and refueled? 

Here’s the truth: What actually satisfies you and what you give your free minutes to, are often at drastic odds.

So today, I want to invite you to exchange your ideas of self-care for life-giving soul care. 

I’ll share the BEST examples of healthy soul-care, I’ll guide you through the basic teachings of contemplative practice and provide practical examples so you can put soul care into practice, today. 

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