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Believe the Impossible {Fourth Anniversary Episode}

March 17, 2021 Amy Wicks/Keewani Vallejo- Cook Season 15 Episode 194
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Believe the Impossible {Fourth Anniversary Episode}
Show Notes

To contribute to the Bening Family

The story you are about to hear is powerful and compelling, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this podcast community's FOURTH anniversary. 

Keewani Vallejo-Cook was born into abject poverty in the Philippines but can share her story with you because of a Compassion sponsor. I’ve asked her to share because my family has partnered with compassion for over 20 years. Consider this conversation and episode as your invitation to celebrate this momentous milestone of the podcast by making a difference in one child's life today. 

As you listen to Keewani's (her friends call her Kiwi) story about her devastating childhood experience, please Text  SIMPLY to 83393. Because of Compassion International, God was able to take deep brokenness in Kiwi’s family and support her family as they made one wholehearted decision after another. You won’t want to miss a single moment of this conversation. Once you text the word SIMPLY to 83393, you will meet other children who need someone like you to make a positive impact in their life.

Listen all the way to the end to learn more about how you can help me celebrate FOUR years of the Simply Wholehearted Podcast. I  have a goal of finding new sponsors for at least 100 children with this episode. And I have no doubt my faithful wholehearted community can and will meet or exceed this desire for impact. So, while you wait, text SIMPLY to 83393 to learn more about the impact you can make when you partner with Compassion.

You can also learn more if you go to You can choose exactly which boy or girl you want to sponsor.

Give Compassion and this podcast a shout-out on the socials after you listen or sponsor a new child! Tag @simplywholehearted and @compassion

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Compassion is paying for some of the costs associated with developing this episode.

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