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Moving Forward with Purpose | Understanding Enneagram Wings

August 30, 2021 Amy Wicks Season 16 Episode 211
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
Moving Forward with Purpose | Understanding Enneagram Wings
Show Notes

What are Enneagram wings? And what do they have to do with you? 

I mean you aren’t a butterfly or ladybug for goodness sake, right? 

Don’t worry, by listening to this episode you won’t suddenly sprout a modified forelimb that bears large feathers and is used for flying.

But, you will learn another insight that will help you get unstuck in those patterns of behavior you don’t love. You may even stop flying in emotional circles and move forward in your relationships, especially as it relates to your mothering style.

This week, I’m going to clarify what Enneagram personality wings are not, what they are and how understanding yours will benefit your role as a mom. As a bonus I’m sharing a brief description of Each Enneagram Type's wing personality. 

As we begin to wrap up this season of the podcast so I can do a few live or in person events with you the month of September, I thought this episode would be an awesome way to remind you how the Enneagram can be used as a tool of transformation when we take time to engage with the information. I’m so delighted to be getting emails every day about how you were impacted by the Wholehearted Enneagram Summit. You all are walking away with different insights and favorite sessions which makes me so happy! 

That’s why I’ve decided it is time to start offering live zoom calls to take topics that provide transformation and offer it in a format that allows community and an opportunity to give personalize specific advice and prayer. Just like I offer my coaching clients. 

So while you listen to this episode, check out September’s live event and get your spot before it fills up! Email [email protected] for more info! 

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